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So Gate High is now 4 years... 9th thru 12th  So Gate Junior High or as now called,   So Gate Middle School is 6th thru 9th.....

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Great arial view of the
campus in 1937

SG Hi.. 1931 Original entrance SGHS.. 1935     SGHS 1937
In the 50s 10,11 & 12th enrollment
was around 1400..
Today over 5000.  
SG Hi..1956 SG Hi..1980's        SG Hi..2003 SG Hi..2003
Notice tunnel gone
Before So Gate Jr High
was built in 1941, So Gate
High was a 6 year school..
Vondes is gone now. This is the
corner it sat on.-------->


SGJH Hall 2003 Southern & Otis Vondes now200

Bryson 2003 Bryson 1949 Bryson W-1950 Bryson W-50 Autos Bryson S-1950

<-- Ernie's Taco House
burned down in the
mid 70's

Ernie's Taco Hse


Bryson 1951

Bryson S'1951 Red Car Depot   

Allen 1988 Allen 1990's Allen 2003 Allen 2003 Allen snack bar 03

Allen & Tweedy 03 Corner drug Allen Allen & Shops 03 76 & Allen  1948 Allen 1980

Allen Tket Booth "Arden 1979" "Louies 2nd hand" "Petes Penny Market"

"Allen 1978"

So Gate Population..
  1955..... 52,470
  2005.... 98,897
Area..7.5 sq miles
Vogue   1988 Vogue 2003 Across from Vogue SG Drive-in 1988

Pictures taken early Sat Morn..
No people or traffic yet---->
<------ 6-8-03
Tweedy@Park 03 Path at SG Park 03 Squirrels in SG??  Old Rock Cook Area
What was Firestone
blvd's name, before it
was Firestone??
Tweedy Blvd 03 Tweedy@Hunt Ave   Jackson / North Annetta / North (answer)

Imperial /Atlantic
Between Abbott and Imperial

This is in place of the old
Lynwood Clock-------->
New shopping center     76 & old Clock 03 Mexican Sea Food

City Hall  1988 Police Dept 1988 Library Mural Old Fire station 88 Firestone Plant 88

Jacks is now
South Gate Meat Co.

Jacks 1956 Inside Jacks 56 Jack & friends 56

Jack's 1961


Active Tv  1957

Sheue's Carpet 1961 La Siesta 1961 Hao's Chinese Food  1961 Arena Bowel 1961

Greenspans 1988 Greenspans 1956 Zieglers  1988 Helen Grace  88 Torinos Bakery 88

Reba smiled & said "hello" to
me 49  years ago..
I'm still excited... dm

Robinson Ad 1956 Pacific Blvd 1955 Campus clean-up SG car wash  88

Lucky Boy Lucky Boy   90's Fries??? Pastrami's  ?? Interior Seating

Everything looks the
same except the sign says,

Interior Seating Lucky Boy Logo    Lucky Boy  2003 Lucky Boy, long time ago

Harveys/Johnies This one time
famous drive-in is now a 
run-down car lot...

6-8-03 6-8-03 Harveys 58/66 Aug 1958

Aug 1958 Johnie's  1966  

Woolworth's 50's Menu

Johnies Torn down

Crusin 1960 Lynwood "Clock"

Lynwood Clock Menu

  Fact: Bob's Big Boy
was the first double
patty hamburger 1946

  Where???   Answer

Where in So Gate
was this store located?


More pictures and information will be added as they become available
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Thanks to Steve Hoesche, class of 59, for use of the 1988 photos
Thanks to Rick Albright class of S'57 for use of his SG photos

A special thanks to Adriene Biondo, Minnie Ortner and the Friends of Johnies for use of the vintage Johnies photos

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