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.....Under constant construction..Looking for a classmate..?? Have a question or have something you have been wanting to say to a classmate
or just a suggestion for this web-site .
Please leave class year and email address...

Well, just post it here......    Post It

12-23-10  We have lost contact with Stanley Clark, last known address in Oregon; Lawrence Clark, last known address in Cudahy; and Loretta Imhoff Templeton, last known address in Downey.  Anyone who might know where they are please contact: Jean (Cole) Hepner, class of W'52, at  Thanks!!

12-4-10 Looking for Joe Krueger.  Anyone seen him lately?   Know what's ever happened to him?  I'm an old friend of his...can't seem to locate him.  Salander

12-3-10  Does anyone know the whereabouts of Sherry Mitchell, class of Summer 1961??    Dianne (Simpson) Kerr Class of S' 61

11-9-10.....Does anyone have or know where I can find the yearbook for South Gate High class of 1935.  That's my dad's graduating
class, and I'd really like to buy it.  Thanks...

10-25-10...South Gate was a great place to grow up in and an All American City.  Fond memories of the South Gate Park, Bon Fire on Halloween, Christmas Parade down Tweedy
Blvd in December, Winchell's Donuts, and just hanging out with your friends.  Tweedy Elementary rocked and some good kids came from that school.  SG Jr. and Senior
High Schools have some great memories.  Made lots of good friends and had fun times with all of them.  Miss you all!   Does anyone know what happened to Julie
Coleman or Donna Spencer!  (W64)  Please contract:  Lonnie (Webster) Shapiro at     Winter Class of 1964

9-27-10....The Classes of 1962 are in the early stages of planning our 50th reunion and are looking for classmates. 
Contact on Facebook: Diane Curry Brewer or Sue King Ross....Can also contact me: Nancy Lyle Smith @ smith62@citlink and I will put you in contact with the committe

9-27-10....I am  trying to locate Richard Green - class of '64 or '65 - younger brother of Bobby Green - W'62. 
Anyone knowing his info please contact me @ or 928-855-5305  Nancy Lyle Smith - W'62

6-5-10...My name is Janet (Barnes) Johnson and I would be very interested in any information regarding the summer 1961 class reunion. Please send any information to
          Thank you.

4-7-10.....My name is Linda Weaver. S'67. My brothers Hal, Bobby, and my sister all graduated from South Gate. Anyone knowing our names contact:

3-20-10.....Have heard that Dennis Harrison from class of 1961 has passed away but unable to confirm the event.
      If you have any information,  please contact me at...        Thanks, Dave  Co 56 - Dave has passed away

2-7-10....Ken Johnson looking for Larry Dorsey S'60. Larry went off to Long Beach State and we (locals) never saw him again. He had a younger brother name unknown..

12-21-09......Looking for Gary L. Johnson S'53. Thank you, Pauline (Coltey-S'53) Landers...   Contact Made

12-17-09... 1959 Rambleback....Somehow, I wound up with 2 1959 yearbooks. The extra one is in great condition, completely unmarked.
Anybody want to make me an offer? Bill Rechs, S'59. Contact

12-3-09 ... Hi Everyone:
    We have changed our email address to the following:
Hope your holidays are filled with love and joy!
Warm Wishes.....Class of S'59 Rep...Joyce & Jerry Schwab

11-1-09....Looking for anyone who remembers John Place or Jim Judd Summer of 1958
email ...       I am writing this letter on behalf of John Place. He was in the Class
of summer 57 and he is looking to Jim Judd. Any information would be helpful.    Allen.
    Thank you.

10-22-09....Just a line to let everyone know that Harvey's Broiler (AKA Johnny's Broiler) is now back to it's original self and open for business with car hops and the whole works.
The only difference is the sign now reads Bobs Broiler, Bobs big boy and the city of Downey went together to re-build it.
I can't believe they put it back together just the way it was.....  Rich Rhoads

9-16-09... Just received a note from Gayla (Yerkes) Hansen that plans are proceeding for the 50th reunion of class of '61 to be held at the Aquarium in Long Beach (Maybe).
She is coming into town at the end of this month to proceed with the plans. If anyone from this class is interested, please contact Jeanne (Edgar) Steffes at : 
and I will let the committee know. Thanks a lot, hope to see you there!!!

8-20-09.....Who is this girl?  S-58 (click here to view mystery girl)  If you know this girl please contact me.  Virginia Hartley Browning

8-16-09....I look at this web site and this message board every now and then to see what's new, and if I can find any more of my high school friends.
Maybe Facebook would be a useful tool for finding folks and communicating. Any thoughts from anyone?? I'm looking for people from class years 1958 through 1960,
but maybe this could be used for all years.....

Thanks, Mike Sevey S-59

7-17-09.....Okay, guys, well, I keep looking around to see if there is a 40th reunion being planned next year for the class of Summer 1970 and I see nothing. We all loved to
have a good time then and I can't believe much has changed in that regard even though we're 40 years older (can you believe it?!?!). So . . . who from
Summer '70 is game to help me start planning?!?!?! It will be fun to put on a fun and memorable 40th Reunion! Who's in?!?!?!? Please e-mail me at
and let's plan a great 40th shindig!!!! Chris Huerta  Summer '70

6-25-09... Looking for Michael Day, George Phillips, and David Frost  ..W'64    Contact Ralph Rizzo

6-13-09...Does anyone know what has happened to Jerry Palmer  class of 48 ?
Joe Rancatore '49

6-6-09....Does anyone have any information on Judy Hamilton.  She left SGHS in 1954/55.  She lived in Lynwood.  We had been friends but lost contact.  Thanks for your help

6-2-09....I would love to hear from some old South Gate friends, grads (or non-grads) from about 1973!
       Teri Recek (Lara)  

This is Vern De Bilzan and I'm looking for Bob Yahn or any info on him.  He was  class of w-63.
Please e-mail me at      Thanks....


4-17-09...Does anyone know what happened to Barbara Warman class of 1957 or Nancy Murray class of 1958 please
Contac Larry Gendreau.
4-17-09... Looking for some 1973 era grads (or non-grads): Toni Kaye (was a crazy girl!), Leah Fissella (were going to walk to the mountains because we didn't like home!)
Kathy Bloxam (went to Illinois one summer!)    Teri Lara

4-13-09......Whoever is in charge of the Get together of the 1971-75 can u contact Roland at would like more info please. I believe it will be
held at eh Marriotte Hotel in Long Beach. Thank You Roland De Leon Class of 74'

4-9-09.....hello anybody remembers. mrs green? teacher...and jimmy boyle? from gramercy 1956 in southgate ca? or if anyone who went to gramercy please contact
me at. thanks

4-7-09..Hi, Earl Thompson (S-67) is looking for Clayton Pellitier (Sp?), Carol Pellitier (Sp?), Steve Townsend, David Staufferson and David Messersmith
(Sp?) all graduated or went to SGHS around 1966 to 1970.  Also went to SG Jr.HS. Please reply to  Thanks

3-15-09.....Looking for Mike Subia...class of 74' or Roland @

3-10-09.....We recently attended a memorial service for Win Cook, who recently passed away. Win was a classic car owner and a great number of classic cars were there. 
It was a day for a great number of South Gate High former students. Class of 1951 Gary Williams, and a gentleman (sorry missed first name) Tate. 1954, Don Wagstaff,
1956 Ed Len and 1949 Reg Wagstaff, I hope I didn't miss anyone. It was a nice tribute to a very nice man........

2-28-09...Hi all, I'm Ed O'Brien class 66, Class Photographer. Does any one know where Barbra Abbott and Karen Hagadone, Pleasee- E-mail me.. (

2-23-09..Hi, my name is Alyce Johnston.  I am trying to locate one of my bridesmaids (our 50th anniversary is this year).  Rosalie Palazzolo graduated in 1956 and she married Ted Souza
 (probably Theodore)  Do not know if he is a graduate of South Gate High or not.  My husband Eugene Johnston graduated Summer 1950.  Any help would be appreciated.  My personal e-mail is        Thank you, Alyce Crandell Johnston

2-19-09..Once again the classes of '71 - '75 are organizing a casual get-together that will take place on Saturday, September 25, 2009 at Corrigan's Sports BarLooking
for Mike Subia...class of 74' or Roland @ rolandzero6@yahoo.comLooking for Mike Subia...class of 74' or Roland @,
located in the Long Beach Airport Marriott Hotel. The gathering will begin at 6:00 PM, there is no fee, but you will have to pay for your own drinks and food.

As always, other classes are more than welcome to attend!

Long Beach Marriott
4700 Airport Plaza Drive
Long Beach, California 90815

2-9-09   Joyce (Weidle) Straehla class of 60     Haven't been back to California since 1972 BUT I still consider it HOME.  Hope to attend our 50th Reunion, in the works now.
2-7-09  Virginia mcgown or her sister does anyone know anything????    Thanks donna gallagher

2-7-09....I will try one more time...seems like some one should know where anita novikoff is...the last I remember she was in Utah... Help hahahhahahaha
Thanks every one...   Donna gallagher

 1-24-09....   My name is Gary Mellinger, SGHS Summer of 1968. I am looking for a couple of classmates who graduated Summer 68, Randy Dale Holt, last
known to be located either in the central California Valley or in Vegas. Second classmate is Linda Susan Reza. Any contacts would be appreciated.
      Thanks. Gary

1-14-09.....This message is for Charles Dale (S'55) and may go by Tracy Dale?  I have a message for you from Matt and DeDe Lindsey.  You can email me @
and I will give you Matt's phone number and address.  This is very exciting!     Zona (Webb) Neighbors.....
1-3-09....  My name is Dianne (Simpson) Kerr, class of Summer 1961 and I have been looking for Sherry Mitchell, one of my closest friends all through school.  Last time I saw her
was shortly after our graduation.  It was all rather mysterious, her mother worked at The Signal newspaper in Huntington Park and I was able to reach her on a few
occasions leaving a message for Sherry to contact me but she never did and her mother would never tell me where she was.
       If anyone knows anything about her please contact me via email at 
        Thanks,     Dianne

11-17-08  Hello class of S-1964!  We had many members of that class, so I 'm sure I did not all of you.  BUT! I'm sure you knew me, for I was involved in baseball,
3 Varsity Letters, Track, 2 Varsity Letters, Basketball, 1 Varsity Letter. 
   Would like to hear from my teammates so do write to me.  Did 4years in the Air Force, 1 in support of Vietnam, we flew B-52's.  66-70, upon release I did go back
to So. Gate, was married, had 1 son, then left for MN.  Had 2 more sons, then a divorce.
   Was a Prison worker for 8 years, ran my own Cell Block, 551 inmates, then child support hit me again, but was very unfair, so I left the Prison, got into sales. 
But I founded a group of parents who were up in arms over support and we called ourselves R-KIDS, Remember Kids In Divorce, it was 1984 and it still runs today.
   At 50 I did have my 1st stroke, but did recover, then 4 years later was hit again, did not recover well, but I do get around fairly good, walk with a cane, and lost my voice. 
Married to my 3rd wife, live in CT. But I still compete, I'm involved with the VA National Golden Age Games, 5 years now, and love it.
             Please class of S-64 write if you can I will answer you all, Martin. 

10-08-08....1956 looking for Lucille Macarthy, we attended Victoria ave. grammar school and sgjh together. she married a lloyd baker,she was my best friend and alot of people thought we were sisters. I moved to tahlequah,ok. in 1978. & still here. my e-mail is        Dawn

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