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This is in response to the address request to the “Hoot Hoot I Scream” photo:

The photo displayed on the South Gate High site shows  the building as it appeared in 1927 when it was still in Rosemead according to this online posting at:


1) Hoot Hoot I Scream

1X01 Valley Boulevard

Rosemead, CA

(Circa 1926 – 1928)

X = I blew the photo up – the 2nd numeral in the address looks most like a 9.  (It could be a 2?)   

Per the Fletchaka posting:  The first  move happened as the owners sought better opportunities by going to an area with potentially more customers (Must have worked – the business stayed open for an estimated 50 years.)

The next relocation (some 3 blocks away) became necessary after the land the building was on was sold to a new owner. 

Same building and owner/management with a name and location change in South Gate:

2)  Hoot Owl Café

8404 Long Beach Boulevard,

South Gate,  CA

 (Taken from the South Gate Directory, dated July 1st, 1945.  Information available shows building at this address from 1928 - 1949).

3)  Hoot Owl Café

8711 Long Beach Boulevard

South Gate, CA

 Address taken from local newspaper clipping.  Again, referring to the Fletchaka site,  this move occurred in 1949.  This would mean the building was at this property for roughly 30 years.

Information regarding the two South Gate addresses was supplied courtesy of the South Gate Historical Museum.

Mrs. Tillie Hattrup ran this family business.  The newspaper clipping at the South Gate Museum had some brief background information about the cafe. 

Below is a link to an archived L.A. Times article suggesting  the final demise of the building was due to a period of heavy rains:

`Coffee Shop Modern' Architecture Googie-History Closing the Menu on a 1950s Style

June 09, 1986|STEVE HARVEY, Times Staff Writer June 09, 1986|STEVE HARVEY, Times Staff Writer

Page 4:  << http://pqasb.pqarchiver.com/latimes/access/58616702.html?FMT=ABS&FMTS=ABS:FT&type=current&date=Jun+9%2C+1986&author=STEVE+HARVEY&pub=Los+Angeles+Times+%28pre-1997+Fulltext%29&edition=&startpage=1&desc=%60Coffee+Shop+Modern%27+Architecture+Googie-History+Closing+the+Menu+on+a+1950s+Style>>

(Note:  the exact name and address pertaining to when the café was in South Gate were not provided in the Los Angeles Times article.)

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