South Gate High
"In Memory"........of "Class of 67"


Please feel free to submit to me, names of any South Gate High alumnus "Class of 1967" who has passed away ... please try to be accurate and if available, Winter/Summer class,  date and cause of death will be of interest to others... Press the "In Memory" button to return to index of years..... If anyone would care to loan me their 67 Yearbook for a few days I will scan it and return it then apply class pictures to the deceased... Leave me a message... Rudy



  Name of Classmate...  Class Date/passing.   Age   Cause of Death......
Aviles, Rosemary S 7-30-07  58 breast cancer
Bowden, John S   71 22 chemical plant explosion
Canzone, Tina S 4-7-02    
Cerio, Linda        
Charman, Margaret W     long term MS
Dudgeon, Keith (had 6 kids) (pix) S 11/29/05 56 heart attack on postal route
Gilbert, Ray W      
Nancy Guest   3-2-10   Breast Cancer, Lebanon, Or.
Horne, Bill   W 10-31-04  55 heart attack
Hopper, Alan   2/4/49 W  11/21/87  38  Cancer San Bernardino, Ca
Huber, Ed S 98 47 heart attack
Isbell, Tom    4-15-94 45 Wilsons disease
Jaquith, Gary W 3-2-00 51 untimely
Kerley Rick S      
Kizer, Clair        
Meier, Barbara        
Redding, Rex     10/29/49 S  5/26/98  48  
Roubal, Tom S      
Snay, John (Ron) S 1996  47  
Solo, Jim S  7-6-08  59  liver cancer   Banning, Ca
Stivers, Nancy W      auto accident
Tully, John   2005  56 cancer
Wilson, Dale   S  4-11-92 42 Heart problems

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