South Gate High ........."In Memory"........of "Class of 19???"

This page consist of a list of names of deceased South Gate High alumnus that have been submitted in name only.... If you should know of any additional info such as class year, date of passing etc, please use the "send info" button, let me know and I will transfer the students name and info to their proper page on this website..  I thank you and I know the family of the deceased alumnus would also thank you ..... DM        blue = Class year located and name copied to proper page..



 Name of Classmate...





Agarth, John


Huges, Virgil


Thompson, Marvin Jr

Ammann, Lloyd


Hunt, Martha


Uttz, Kathleen

Arnold, Richard


Jackson, Edsel S'47 or 


Wagner, Donald s-53

Ash, Don    


Jaquith, Diane


Watts, Ralph

Astin, Millie


Jones, A.E Edward


Weedn, Charles  45

Barnwell, Lester


Kapell, George Jr


Wells, James Jr.

Bartoletti, Louise


Keeling, Shasta


West, Cliff

Bean, Walter


Kent, Bart


Wescott, Walter s-53

Beamon, Tom 4-23-68 S'64


Kent, Owen


Williams, Pamela Kay

Belton, Carol


Kent, Pearl


Wilson, Lloyd C.

Belyea, David


Kerr, Dave



Bowen, Ralph


Kerley, Rick


Brassell, Richard T Jr


Kilrain, John W



Kilrain, Marshall 11-02


 Liver cancer

Bretz, William Jr.


Kiter, Bea


Brigden, Herb


Kiter, Harold



Brown, Richard Sr.


Kiter, May


Brownlie, Leona


Kiter, Roy


Brysch, Alberta


Koch, Alma Lou



Buchanan, Marilyn


Krcelic, Mike Sr


Buckler, David


Lancemont, Richard


Burns, Georgia


Lane, Tom


Burns, Julia


Lehman, David


Butler, Frances


Layton, Wayne


Cable, Edward


Linfor, Donald "Art"



Cable, Eva


Linfor, Marie


Cairns, Bill


Lipjanec, Paul



Carr, Vera


Loiselle, Florence


Charles, Ronnie 3-25-68


Luke, Jack



Clayton, Emma


Lynch, Dennis


Colwell, Cyril Jr


McBride, Emeline


Conway, Terry    10-12-70



Cox, Bill


McCollum, Cindy


Craig, Larry


McCollum, Lloyd



Crandon, Madeline


McDonald, Henry


Curl. Robert


Meese, Art


Davey, Bea


Meese, Betty


Davidson, Robin


Meldrum, Hazel


Dillon, Ann


Moore, Joyce


Dodge, Edna


Mowery, Tom


Dollinger, Alvin


Norby, Ray



Dyer, Clint Sr.


Overhulse, Margret


Dykes, Donovan


Owen, Paxton


Elias, Marion


Page, Dick Sr.



Derickson, Suzanne




leukemia... early 30s

Engels, Terry


Pavolsky, William


Erwin, Daniel


Perkins, Peg


Evans, Bill


Perry, Rupert


Faeth, John earl




Featherston, Drew


Phillips, Bill

Fischgrabe, Joyce  'LHS'


----> died 10/91 


 Chronic Asthma

Fish, Edgar


Peiffer,  Richard


Fish, Edward Mann

Pierce. kenneth

Flores, Veronic

Pitman, Warren S.


Fredell, Eileen


Porcher, Betty Jo

Futchko, larry


Preece, Marion

Garrett, Bob J


Preese, Tom Jr.

George, Dick

Preece, Tom Sr.

Girardin, Bob

Price, Ray

Gordon, Gloria


Ramsey, Thelma

Graham, Dorothy


Ramsey, Chuck

Graham, John

Reimann, William O.


Grubaugh, David    LHS


Roark, Roberta

Hart, Pat

Robinson, Jack


Hatch, Ray

Roster, Paul

Hawley, Raymond Peter


Rupprecht, Betty

Hayes, Emmett Sr.

Sink, Glenn


Hayes, Lottie

Smith, Elsie

Hayes, Ray

Smith, Ray O.

Heal, Gladys

Soule, Doris

Hedlund, Bob


Stanford, Wayne


Steinberg, Dana

Hieronymus, Sam

Strauss, Warren

Higgs, Helen

Strong, Delores


Hill. Charlie

Struve, Ida Bert


Hofius, Seth

Sullivan, James Buzz


Syphers, Jeffrey


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