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   3/21/03  Jim said:  I would have graduated in the summer of 1959. I graduated
from SGJHS in the summer of 1956.  I then went to SGHS until June of 1957 and then I quit school a year because I thought I knew everything. I went to washing dishes at the old Chris and Pitts for 90 cents an hr and then went to one of the other Chris and Pitts to be a bus boy and make a little more money. My parents in the meantime bought a new house in Brea. I then decided to go back and finish school. It
was the best thing that I ever did. I graduated in 1960 from Brea High.

    After high school I worked as a machinist for a few years. My desire was to
become a truck driver. I started driving in 1967 and retired in 1998 after
31 years eating concrete. I then started taking computer classes and then
went on and got my Vocational Ed. teaching credentials. I now work for ROP
in the Santa Ana School District as a substitute teacher. My hobbies are
Ham Radio.. I also love growing veggies and hot peppers. Built a small
greenhouse last summer. I married a Brea girl with the name of Karol. We
have been married for 37 years this June. We have two sons 34 and 30. We
have two grandsons Scotty and Dylan and a five month old grandaughter
Ashley.  I will be sending some more recent pictures soon..........  Jim 

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