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  9/13/03 Zona said:                                                                       .
       After high school I married Jim Neighbors ('54) and had two wonderful children. Our son, Gary, married Susan after meeting again at their 10 yr. reunion from HS and our daughter, Laura, married Tom and presented us with two terrific grand children. Kristi attends Cal State Fullerton and Scott is a Junior in high school.
      After working 21 years for the same corporation as an Insurance Administrator, and then ending as Customer Service Rep, I retired. Finding that boring I worked for a "temp" agency for several years and wish I had done that sooner.
     After Jim retired we built our present home in Northern Nevada and have enjoyed the rural life. BUT, living in Nevada I found I love to play Video Poker....a game I never thought I would enjoy. This is one of the reasons we recently bought our 5th wheel and plan to enjoy the USA. Now if I can stay out of those Indian Casino's across country!!!! Because of classmates.com we have reunited with SGHS and other area high school grads that we hadn't seen in years, and in our upcoming travels we plan to meet up with a few couples that live back east.

    Life has been good to us and hopefully the quality can last a bit longer. Now if I could master my computer, that would be grand. Blessings to everyone.....Zona and Jim Neighbors 

...Daughter Laura & husband Tom with grandkids
      Kristi and Scott...  1994
           Kristi and Scott....2001
.    Our son Gary with wife Susan...1987 . Back L-R Jeanete Butts 56, Carole Pounds 55, Bev Carson, Bobbie Wolf 53, Front L-R Betty Samuelson 55,   Zona Webb 55......

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