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         Burt.... Summer 59

After HS graduation, I attended Long Beach State College (now CSULB) from ’59 to ’65 and finally earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and teaching credential. I had way too much fun in school with SG guys like Don Dyer, Lance Shafer, Pete Fernandez, Glenn Van Herpen, Larry Dorsey, and Tom Gallagher.

Got married in 1965, had one son (David) and divorced in 1969.

Started working for Los Angeles Unified Schools in 1965 and got a teaching position at good old South Gate Junior High. Taught PE with Coach De Hoag! Do you remember the legend? Also, coached the JV baseball team at SGHS in 1969-71.

Left South Gate in 1972 to work as a counselor, administrator and teacher in the Harbor area ( Gardena, Carson, and Wilmington).

Met my current wife, Fran, at the Colorado River in 1972. (that’s a story for another time). Married her in 1973 and, happy to write, the marriage is still going strong. Our daughter (Leslie) was born in 1976.

 Wife Fran & I with grand daughter Brynn.... 12/2004

In 1987, I accepted a counseling position at our alma mater, SGHS. By this time, the school was on a year round schedule (Would you believe 4500 kids?). It was a great experience even with all the changes. In particular, I served as a trustee for the Barkham Garner-Joe Seminario Scholarship Trust Fund and, over the years, we rewarded many deserving student-athletes with a lot of money to continue their education.

I decided it was time to retire in 2002 when people at the school jokingly referred to my counseling office as Jurassic Park (home of the dinosaur)! They were right. Thirty seven years was enough.

At about the same time, Fran and I made a very tough decision and moved from Long Beach to Lincoln, Ca. ( It’s in Placer County about 30 miles northeast of Sacramento). Our long time friends are very important to us, but at this age, it’s all about being close to family, which now includes three wonderful grandchildren.

I spend a lot of time these days ( some say too much time) practicing and playing golf as I have for a long time. This area is loaded with golf courses at reasonable prices. What could be better than that?

I had to miss the 45th reunion. I have moving metal parts in my leg after hip replacement surgery and I ran out of WD Forty at the last minute. But, I’m looking forward to attending the 50th.

My best wishes to everyone.