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 Hello! I've updated my bio since 9/11 my life has changed. I watched those towers fall from the office I worked in and couldn't believe it! My partner had an office in the south tower and we'd spend time on the 93rd floor looking out at the beautiful view and watch it snow or rain up! Fortunately his company gave up their space just a few months before the attack, or else I'd be alone now. I walked about 4 miles from my office that day to meet him in Brooklyn. I felt like a refugee in a bad war movie walking across that bridge and looking at all the smoke billow out of the hole that once housed the WTC. I did volunteer work afterward.

Since then we have purchased a co-op on the water and we don't live in the City. I work close to home and I value each day more. My son and daughter in-law are teachers and I am very proud of them.

I hope you are all well. And I've enjoyed hearing from those of you who have remembered me and cared to write.

Take care, love each other, and remember to say it,

Sheila Allen


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