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      12/13/02...Len said
  I was gone from South Gate for 35 years before returning for our reunion in 1993.  I visited again in 1998 and hope to come again in 2003. I have had
very little contact with any alumni but have started to do more of it lately.

I entered the Navy in Nov 1958 and stayed until I retired in 1977. During that
period I was stationed in Memphis, Hawaii, Memphis, Hawaii, Memphis, Albany,Ga, and Corpus Christi, Tx. I retired as a Senior Chief. Part of my time in Corpus was attending college full time in a program for career people to get a degree.

When I retired from the Navy I went to work for Motorola and retired from there in 1998. Except for the 2 years in Chicago, I worked in the Austin area for the entire time. I have now been in Texas for over 30 years so I guess I could say I am a transplanted Texan. Like the bumper sticker says, " I wasn't born here but I got here as fast as I could".

The first three years I was retired I played golf almost every day somewhere. I
played 300 rounds each year. Because I accepted a part-time job I have only
played 150 rounds this year.

I am divorced and have 3 adult children (41,40, and 38) and 6 grandchildren
ranging from 17 to 3 years of age. The oldest starts college next year. Since
none of my children went to college I plan to pay for the grandkids education.
I hope to be able to pay for all 6 but I sure could use some help from an
improving stock market........Len
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