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   "Summer 1960

"Dodie with grand kids Damian & Hannah 2005"

 9/12/02 Dodie said:
   Hi there...I married a fellow from Bell:)  Moved to Oregon and had 4 kids, 3 boys and a daughter. Was fortunate to raise my kids in rural OR with a "menagerie" of animals and had a home business.  I am now single. Children are grown and I have 3 grandchildren.  I have acquired 2 associate degrees and I am working on my BS completion.  I was employed with Contel and GTE telephone co and now work full time in Social Services for a Native American tribe.  I love the simple pleasures of life and enjoy the great outdoors of the Northwest...  How about you... :

   My Kids...  Jen 29, Ryan 30, Steve 32 and Brad 35..


         "Dodie and Hannah @ Easter 2005"

           "Hannah, 17 months"



       "Grand kids Damian, Avery, Alec & Sage"
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            "Dodies son Brad, a fire fighter in Iraq"

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