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12/26/03   Happy Holidays to my dear family & friends,
Well it has arrived. My moving date & retirement. HOORAY.
mY COMPUTER WILL BE LEAVING for California on Sunday Dec. 28th & I am requesting that all of you kindly resis sending me e-mal after Dec. 27th. Once I get settled in California, I will contact all of you with my new e-mail address.
Staying in touch with all of you is very important to me. I should be back up & running by the end of January.
Happy New Year everyone,
Much love & lots of hugs, Linda
9/9/02 Linda said:
     Ron and I were married on Sept 6, 1959 right after I graduated from high school. He was in the summer class of 1958. Our first home was in La Mirada, we lived there for 10 yrs then moved to Cerritos. We lived in Cerritos for 10 years also. In 1981 we moved to Glendale, Az. Ron was self employed for many years. He had his own Landscaping business. He made so many beautiful gardens and yards. He left me with a beautiful rose garden and the love of gardening.
    We have 2 children, a daughter Erin, and a son Ron Jr. Erin is married & has 1 son Christopher. They presently live in Gilbert, Az but will be moving to San Diego at the end of the school year, as her husband was just transferred. Ron Jr is single and lives at home with me.  I plan to move back to Calif. when I retire in 4
yrs 9 months. Ron works at ASU so he will stay here until he retires. Erin will be 40 in Oct, and Ron is 38. My grandson is 8 yrs old.
      Ron Sr passed away on Feb 1, 1999 of complications from diabetes. He had a rough time the last year & half of his life, but he managed to work right to the end. He had great courage.... Linda Montelius Ozbun 

11/26/03 Linda said....
     .I'm retiring as of 1/2/04. I'm also moving back to California. As we speak, I am in the process of packing and getting the house sold.... Erin, Christopher,& Jerome have moved to Carlsbad, Calif. Christopher is now 9 years old. I hope all is well, and I will let you know if my e-mail address changes when I move, & it probably will. 


             My son, Ron jr... 1989  Erin w/ husband, Jerome & my Grandson, Christopher

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