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9/20/02.... Marianne said:

After High School, I went to Compton JC to be with my pals, Sunnie and Martha and besides I wasnít getting married and not ready to go to work.  Had a great time there.  Was in a sorority and drill team and didnít care as much about my grades as I did partying.  (I was trying to make up for high school and my goodie-two-shoes reputation).

After Compton, I met my husband, Jim Montgomery.  I thought he was the most handsome man I ever saw and I fell madly in love.  After a whirlwind romance, we got married in June of 62.  We both worked at Rockwell at the time.  Jim went on to become a ďbig-wheelĒ there while I remained a ďlittle-wheelĒ (I really didnít care though).  I became quite domestic.  When living at home with Mother and Dad I never made my bed, washed dishes, cooked or did my own laundry  (I was very spoiled).  I had a lot to learn, but really loved it; especially the cooking and I still love that today and have become a pretty good cook.

  "Todd, Marianne & Tiffany...1973"

While married to Jim, his job took us many wonderful places, like Pittsburgh, PA, Greensboro, North Carolina (ha ha) and San Diego, (which I loved and could have kissed the ground when we moved back to California).  I had and have two great kids, Tiffany who is now 34, married and a reporter for the Orange County Register and Todd, 38, married and has a darling son (my grandson, Marlin).  Todd teaches special Ed. In Venice, lives in Topanga Canyon and is also a great musician and artist and is his beautiful wife Penny who is a great artist and mother.




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      Todd with his son, Marlin

After 20 years married we got divorced.  It was very hard for a long time and took me about 10 years to get over.  I took advantage of that time, though and went back to college and got my degree in Public Administration from Dominguez College.  And I took the opportunity to spend a semester in London.  It was a very great adventure.  I was in school 3 days a week and the other 4 days I traveled all around Europe.  I fell in love with London and Florence, Italy.  (Martha and I are planning to go to Italy next spring).  It was a great adventure, one that I never experienced before and very grateful that I could take advantage of that opportunity.


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Tiffany,Marianne, Martha w/daughter, Heather 

I now live in Redondo Beach which I love a lot and take pride in my cute town home that I have decorated red and purple, with lots of plants and wood floors.  Iím about 4 blocks to the ocean, which I enjoy a lot.  I learned to play tennis along the way and used to play everyday at one time in my life.  Not anymore, though.  I do belong to a gym so I try to keep in shape along with taking yoga classes at El Camino College.  Oh by the way, I work at El Camino, have been here for 9 years.  I work for the Dean of the Health Sciences and Athletics Dept (P.E.) and have learned a lot about academia.

I plan to retire in 5 years.  Iím single and have been for 20 years.  Iím an optimist and am still hoping to meet ďMr. Right.Ē  Hope to find him in the next 5 years to have him to travel and have fun with.

Iíve stayed very close to my old high school friends, Sunnie, Martha, Lorna, Linda Reed, Gloria Oakes, Pat Kimball.  They are all wonderful people.  They are like my family and I enjoy many holidays with them.



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