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9-16- Bob said.....
    I am not currently married. I do have three grown sons from
my second wife, and they turned out great, my second son and his wife had a
baby girl 11 months ago, so I am finally a grandpa. I went right out of
South Gate High to Compton Jr. College, and was graduated with an A.A. in
Industrial Electronics in June of 1961. I was immediately hired by North
American Aviation, and worked there about 1 1/2 years then took a military
leave of absence, and joined the U.S. Air Force in Jan 1963, a few months
after the Cuban missile crisis. My career field was Nuclear Weapons, basic
training at Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas. Then to Lowry AFB, Denver, Co
for Nuclear Weapons school., the first part was their Electronics school but
most of that was review since I had my A.A. already in Electronics. Then my
first permanent change of station (PCS) was Portland AFB, Portland, Oregon,
I arrived on base just two hours before JFK was killed! I was there for
about 13 months, and then transferred to Geiger Field, Spokane, WA there
was another specialist there with me, we were a hand full of regular airman
working with the Air National Guard. August of 1965 while I was there, and
while on duty, I got my front teeth knocked out by an atomic bomb! My last
PCS was Walla Walla AFB, Walla Walla, WA the town they liked so much, they
named it twice, ha! ha! Then I was seperated from there in Jan 1967, after
serving my four years active duty, and then two years in the inactive
reserves, which was on paper only, at that time there was no requirement for
attending any meetings. I was granted an Honorable Discharge in Jan 1969.
I took about a month off, and then returned to work at North American
Rockwell, and worked for them until Nov 1984. Since then I have worked at
many different Aerospace firms as a Contract hire in Electrical Planning and
Manufacturing Engineering. Two years ago, I had a relapse of skin cancer on
my nose, and the VA had to do many plastic surgery operations, but thank
God, they got it all. Prior to going in for those surgeries I worked as a
bus driver, and a school day care teacher for about 9 years, do to all the
layoffs in Aerospace. I currently live in Antelope Valley, and am
collecting Disability and a pension from Aerospace, want to do some
traveling now, and do not plan on working for anyone, BUT ME!! My hobbies
are sports cars, motorcycles, and computers, I have built several from
scratch! I have taken some college classes over the years, and may yet go
back and get a 4 year degree, just because I want to!

Keep me up to date, and thanks for doing this, I am anxious about
attending my 45th reunion, nothing short of death will stop me from going,
and I plan on being around for a long time. I don't know if you thought
this, but I have had people tell me, that I resemble Dennis Hopper,
especially if I grow a beard. I will be 62 next month, but I still have my
hair, I guess I will keep it now!

             Bob Little........
                                     "Bob with his three sons"
                 "Recent picture of Bob's 1995 Nissan 300 ZX twin turbo"