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    Dec 18, 03 Pat said.....
     I Married Jerry Wilson (SG) a year after HS and had 3 kids in 4 years, so basically we all grew up together. Stayed in SG until just after the Watts Riots, when we headed for No Calif. Next move was to Norco, CA in 1967, then to nearby Corona, CA. Still here. It's much less rural than it used to be.

Two oldest kids, Patrick and Christine, own a very successful containerized
shipping co in Wilmington, youngest boy Tony is also in trucking. 4 grandkids:
Jeremy is 22 and works in the company business. Chloe is 13 in middle-school,
she has two adopted brothers from Russia, Henry and Declan -- 2 and 6. 

First marriage lasted 23 years, then 7 years ago I married "Morris Depaul
Wertenberger II." Needless to say I retained my married name, Wilson.

Life has been good and interesting. Although I worked as a secretary for many
years and did not like the work very much, I have also been a professional
puppeteer since 1971, performed thousands of birthday parties, schools, malls,
etc. Still performing, although less these days. I took my first college class
in 1956 and finally got my degree in business from Pepperdine in 1978.

I bought my first computer in 1982, started a mail-order book business
(specializing in books on entertainment) for ten years, in the meantime have done a
lot of writing: kid's stories, poetry, fiction. Most sold. I even had a job as
a phone physic for several months, fascinating.

Life is a little quieter now, my husband has been pretty ill and in and out
of convalescent hospitals. I have a bird, African Grey Parrot "Mathilda," who
is a good friend.

I'm going to try to attend the reunion next year, although I don't see how it
has possibly been FIFTY YEARS since I was in high school!

Best from Pat Wilson (Patsy Lay)