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January 7th 2007....   Johnies torn down..


 9/09  Latest and last update.. click here

7/8/09..update,   Just a word to let you know that Johnnys Broiler is being rebuilt with a joint venture between Bob's Bigboy and the city of Downey. I was by there yesterday and it looks just the same as it did when it was Harveys. They left the Broiler sign up and took the Johnnys sign down and replaced it with Bob's, and the drive in part is just the same, looks like they have about another months work or so before complete.
     Richard Rhodes S-59


The June 27, 2008 issue of the Downey Patriot says clean-up of the site will begin in July and the Bob's Big Boy Franchise will construct a new carhop restaurant there.


 11/9/07......update,       Johnie's is still just sitting there the same way it was the day they tore it down, it's really depressing to drive by.  I've heard there is a law suit pending and that's why they haven't cleaned it up, I've also heard there's a group in Downey that is trying to have it re-built and opened back up as a restaurant but I don't think that will really happen.  Richard Rhodes..  Class of S'59