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                                      "Summer 1958                  rhuber5665@comcast.net


               "Summer 58"
  After graduation I went to L.B. State for a year, then L.B. City College.
Formed a folk singing group, "The Lonesome Travelers",  in 1960 with my brother Gene, (W '57), Bob Helman and a friend from Long Beach State. Sang in a coffee house in Newport Beach.
Married an H.P. girl in 1963. We had two children. Now have three grandchildren.
Went to work as a Loss Prevention Consultant  in 1964 after getting out of the Marine Corps.
Moved to Seattle in 1975.
Divorced in 1978. Married Pat in 1979. Celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in Santa Barbara in 2004.
Retired from the insurance profession in 2006. Now work part-time doing insurance property inspections.
Hobbies include travel, wood working, reading, singing and playing my guitar; getting together with the "Lonesome Travelers" to reminisce.

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