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Marketing Professional..... a profile
        By Beverly Thompson, President, Beverly Thompson, Inc   
            'reprinted from a published article from the Los Angeles Times'                             

    Being the vice president of marketing and sales for the Valencia Corporations a position that demands not only vast experience in order to be able to direct the 55 employees in the division, but also a thorough knowledge of the building industry which includes planning architecture, interior design landscaping, advertising, public relations, and most importantly “What makes people want to buy houses.
  The ‘total concept formula” that Steve Hoesche has put together is working like a well oiled machine, for it tripled the profit structure of the housing development arm for the parent company Newhall land and farming in 1983 and will double that figure this year…

    Hoesche’s office is located on the first floor of the handsome Corporate Headquarters building in Valencia. However, you are most likely to find him in the ‘command center’ he has established directly in the middle of the New Sales Presentation area of the community. The center is actually in back of a small fenced patio which allows Steve and some of his key people the privacy and quiet concentration space they require in order to create the new 11 developments that are on the drawing boards and still be close to the ‘sales hub’ of the ongoing projects.

  Every square in for the office walls is covered with project plans and schedules for the new Northern and Southern California projects. The atmosphere is casual, but the mood is high powered. Electricity fills the air as Steve discusses marketing and merchandising strategy with his staff and the pride he feels in being involved with such overwhelming sales success..
   His Robert Wagner style of good looks, a slight Southern accent, and the European cut clothes he favors only add to the ‘aura’ of the man himself. He is soft-spoken, thinks before he speaks, and is self assured in a very positive manner...
   It is easy to see how success came early to this young man when he talks about how a blend of hard work and the knowledge of ones ‘goal structure’ becomes invaluable in achieving ones ‘total’ potential..

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   While attending college in the early 1960’s, he began a career in real estate by developing odd lot properties including single-family, multifamily, and commercial. Even his professors became investors in the company and within a three-year period his development company had expanded into seven California communities. In 1962 he organized Hoesche Industries, a California corporation and parent of American Homes Builders Marketing Services, Inc. As an adjunct to his marketing group, he offered a full spectrum of marketing services to clients which included model interiors, landscape design, and sales exhibits.

   By 1966, The Hoesche Companies were in a position to offer innovative marketing systems, merchandising services and sales management to clients in the western states..
   During the peak of the franchise boom, Hoesche Diversified, the marketing arm of the company, represented seven franchising offerings with sales in access of $2 ˝ million annually. By 1971 Hoesche Industries had expanded its geographic base to include ‘national’ accounts throughout the Midwestern, eastern, and southern regions of the United States.
   In order to move more effectively service his ever growing client roster, he moved the company to Atlanta, Georgia in late 1972 and began to travel more than a quarter of a million miles annually, field-checking clients projects, initiating feasibility studies, and conducting sales seminars. He also sold 15000 units in 27 states.
   Steve also found time to author several books dealing with sales management, sales training, and motivation, plus winning the recognition of his peers by receiving numerous national and regional awards for his activities and programs..

 During all of the years of heavy travel, Steve promised himself that he would retire at age 40. In 1979 just after turning, he gave himself a ‘gold watch’ then settled back to enjoy the rewards of his labor. He moved to Florida and sat on the beach for two years before realizing that sifting sand was not the way he wanted to spend the rest of his life..

    When the Valencia Corporation offered him the position to lead their marketing and merchandising team in 1981, he was ready to devote the time, effort and extensive experience needed to develop the programs that have given the company one of the top sales records during the past three years..

    Under Hoesche’s leadership, the firm has won a lions share of prestigious awards including the Elan Award presented by the Sales and Marketing Council of Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties for Marketing and Sales Director of the Year and the coveted “Grand Award” for best brochure, ad, sales office, model complex, interior design, and best home..
  Steve sees marketing and sales not as a business function, but as a ‘profit building’ view of the entire business process…
 Working has been his vocation and avocation since he left college and became a self-made millionaire. However, in the last year he has discovered tennis and is enjoying the physical and emotional side of the game in the same way he approaches marketing and merchandizing.. With a firm grip on the handle, a wide stroke, and the confidence and comfort level you only see in one of the true professionals of our industry…