.........Vivian Haye (Jones).........
                                      "Summer 1958"            Aug 29, 1940 - Dec 2, 2002  Age 62

          "Summer 58"            "Oct 16, 1993"          "Vivian and Edgar"

        Vivian Loretta Haye Jones......  

After high school Vivian went to work for Rockwell International in Downey, which in those days was North American Aviation /Space and Information Division.  She met her husband Edgar there and they married in June 1968.

                          "Matt and Vivian"

Vivianís son Matthew, whom she adored with all her heart, was born September 1971.    She was a stay at home mom and very involved in her family.  Many weekends were spent at the River water skiing and enjoying the sun.  Matthew married Charity in October 1997 and their son, Tyler, was born in September 1999 making Vivian a Grandmother and bringing her more joy than she could have imagined.  Her precious Matt is a Sergeant in the USMC Helicopter Squad and is now in Kuwait.  (03/2003)  

             "Matt and Vivian"                   "Matt"
                           "Matt and Charity"
                 "Tyler Blake Jones"    Born 9/12/99

Vivian was devoted to her mother who was in poor health for many, many years and took loving care of her until she died in July 1995. 

Edgar retired in January 1992 and they moved to Lake Wildwood (Penn Valley), located in northern California and just 90 minutes from Reno.  Vivian began to live the life she had always dreamed of.  Edgar is an avid golfer and Vivian tried her hand at it and became very proficient, winning several awards and even beating Edgar on occasion.  She joined the Ladies Golf Club and became the Team Captain.  She very much enjoyed the social life that golf and retirement provided.  She said these were the happiest days of her life.

Vivian was diagnosed with cancer in 2002 and died on December 2 of that year.

Vivianís friends and family miss her immensely but are grateful for the opportunity to have known and loved her.  She was the dearest friend, wife and mother.

August 29, 1940 Ė December 2, 2002





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