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                             Class of Summer'55                     

Ralph Hales  "Summer 55"



  I graduated Summer of 1955, and after bouncing around in several jobs, I joined the army and spent most of my tour in Germany. While there, I met my wife to be, Hanna.  We then moved back to South Gate, along with her two children, Ray and Linda. I worked for the L.A. County Forestry Dept. for a short time, and then the U.S. Postal Dept. I later joined the California Parks and Recreation Dept. and moved to Frazier Park, CA. From there, we "Ascended to Paradise" That's what the town sign says because it's a steep seventeen-mile upward climb from Chico, CA to the town of Paradise, CA, which is about eighty miles northeast of Sacramento. I began working for the California Parks and Recreation Dept. as a Landscaper in Chico, and have live in Paradise ever since that last move from Frazier Park. 
  I also joined the U.S.Army Reserves, where each year you "take a yearly two-week vacation," but one of those vacations turned out to be a six-month tour to Viet Nam when the conflict heated up to the point where Reservists were called to serve their nation. In 1997, I retired from my job, and still live among the tall pine trees in Paradise. I continue to putter around the yard and keep the house repairs up and love it.









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