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 8/15/02   Jim said:
    After graduating from the Winter of '59 Class, I worked with my father in the ceramic tile construction for a few years, then enrolled in Compton College to be an electronic technician, but changed my major to English, and decided to become a teacher. The rest of my education would be at Long Beach State: B.A., Cal Poly Pomona: graduate courses, and Pepperdine University: M.S.
   My first student teaching position was in 1966 at Verbum Dei High School in South Los Angeles. After receiving my General Teaching Credential, I was hired at Bassett Unified School District in the city of La Puente in 1968, and taught English, Social Studies, and P.E. until I retired in 2001.
Driver Training has always been my part time work, and I'm still doing that at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, CA
   My first marriage in 1966 was for fun. My second marriage to Delores in 1976 will be forever. She brought with her three pre-teenage girls, and we all rode on a bumpy road for a while, but the lessons I learned about parenting was a blessing, and grand parenting seven kids has made it all worthwhile.
   Our vacations and social engagements have stretched from the Arctic Circle to Cabo San Lucas, and from Connecticut to Washington. A lotta stuff has gone on since SGHS, and it's been swell ;-)
   We've lived in West Covina since 1976, but we plan to build a house in Prescott, Arizona, on some land we purchased, and should happen in about two years.

On 03-20-08... Jim said:  Not too much has changed since 2002, but we did sell the Prescott property and decided to stay where we are....

Jim & wife Delores at the Palm Springs "Festival of lights"
Parade in 1999.....                                   (Jim's Delorian)

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