South Gate High Class of 56'

Class of 56 Reunion Dinner....

Festivities were held at:
Long Beach Hilton Hotel
 Long Beach, Ca....

Dinner/Dance Oct 19th

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    The Monkey Story

  Phyllis (Henry) Sheue
   Bob Ammann

David Senf,Helen (Markle) Ross,
Phyllis (Henry) Sheue,

Florence (Ulrich)Turner
Jim Turner, Al Sheue
Bob Fenner...


Doris (Greathead)Edey
Bob Carlton
Hugh Ede
Tom Pavlovsky
Tony Ross, Diane Bell

Neil & Shirley(Bracy)Flippin

Eugene & Doreen (Evanson)
Ron Shelton
Neil Flippin
Karen & Mel Weaver
Helen (Markle) Ross

Don Fears

  Deanna Carcelli
Al Sheue
Hugh Edey

Jack & Marsha(Caddell)Davis

Bob Fenner,
Randy Edwards
Dick & Gayle LoCicero

Neil Flippin, Dean Bond
Darrell Hobbs, Ed Len
Tom Brown & wife Cindy

Rosemary & Bill Carney

Randy & Elanor Edwards
Hugh & Doris (Greathead) Edey
Some adult humor
Jay & Jane(Winans)Tesch
Bob Ammann
Steve Hartwell

Kathleen&Sketter Klatt
Nancy (Homan) Hill
Carlton Claunch, Geri Leigh
Jim Derrington
Dick LoCicero
Harleen (Collins) Reeves
Dave Senf
Barbara (Schmidt) Kistner

Nancy (Allen) Wilson
Shirley (Bracy) Flippin

Ray Dunn & wife Barbara 

Alice(Poe) & Don Fears

Ray & Sally Wiles

Jim & Vaudis (Goltl) Powell

Dora (Corne) & Ed Prader
Ray & Ann (Weaton) Miller
Pat (Stanfield) Goetz
Lee Kinzy
Nancy (Fleming) Patterson
Clo (Stamper) Dillman
Janet (Gillespie) Jones
Bob Brigden & wife Ruth 

 Phyllis(Henry) & Al Sheue

Bob & Dawn Fenner

Bob & Ruth Brigden

Kyle & Barbara Williams

Patsy & Lee Kinzy..

Shirley (Bracy) Flippin
Jackie(Cermack) Enders
Bob & Shirley Carlton Al & Jackie (Kutnyak) Shackelford


Janet (Gillespie) Jones

Deanna Carcelli
Harleen (Collis)Reeves
Ray Wiles, Art Lopez
Bob Carlton

 Deanna Carcelli, Al Sheue Gary & Carol(Traill)Antes
Jackie (Cermack)Anders
Ann(Tingling)&Walley Cardwell Patsy Kinzy
Dave & Ruth Senf
Mystery woman #1
Tony Ross
Mystery woman #2

David Senf

Jim Turner

Phyllis (Henry) Sheue

Ann (Weaton) Miller
Dora (Cora) Prader
Ann (Tingling) Cardwell
Art Lopez and wife

Janet (Gillespie) Jones

Patsy (Cain) McCormick John & Pat(Stanfield)Goetz

Smile.. !!!

Joyce (Pentland) Bolicek
Darla (Herr)Visage

Vaudis (Golti) Powell

Ed Hill & Jay Tesch
Bob & Kerry Ammann
Grace (Struthers) Gaughan
Vaudis (Goltl) Powell

Very good friends
Arla(easlick)Olejnik &
husband Don....

More very good friends
Jim Neighbors and wife
Zona (Webb)

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