South Gate High Class of 56' 

Class of 55 Reunion
Pala Casino Resort..Pala, Ca
May 20,21& 22..2005


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"Old Friends"  A

"Time Capsule Crew" B

"Golf College"  C

Lunch @ outdoor cafe  D

Wanda Adair

"Friends" E

"Ice Breaker Gals"  F

"Spouses"  G


Don Star & wife Elizabeth

Betty Bunnet
Richard Johnson
Nancy Allen
Karl Zappa

Connie Militello
Judy Hubbard
     Edith Beek
Betty Bunnett
Carols husband Van
Carol Pounds
Rita Martinez
Al Perryman
Lynn McCorkel
Mike Conrad

Judy Hubbard
Connie Militello
Guy Picquell's
Son and wife

A bit of adult humor 

Gary Davis
Richard Banister

Ann Morris
Sully Sullivan
Mary Lou Riley
Carol Marsh
JoAnn Bosworth
Joyce Beach
Carol Marsh
Carol Marsh
Nancy Synicky

Nancy Allen
Bob Wilson
Steve Schwab
and wife Deanna
John Aldinger Nan Eudaley
Mary VanOrder
Sharon Maddox

Harold Conner
Elsie Wright


Bruce Young
and wife Liz

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