South Gate High Class of 56'  

......"Class of 54's  55th Reunion".....

AUG 28th, 29th & 30th  2009.. Pala Casino & Resort... Pala, Ca

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"Winter 1954" "Summer 1954"

Pala Resort & Casino
Aug 28th 229th 30th 2009

 List of attendees

 Reunion Committee

Pat Childers - Nancy Herman-
Mickey Divins, Marsha Shumaker -
Carol Owens, Barbara Pinder -
Barbara Ramey

 Marlys Nelson Setting     Bill Pellegrino Nancy Herman- Pat childers
Marsha Shumaker
Carol Owens - Barbara Pinder

 Table Setting

   Mickel Divins
Al Merrino & wife Edith  

 Watermelon Decoration
Hospitality Room

Verla Ray, Mary Bowen
Al Edwards, Robert Lipe  

Diane Dower, Marilyn Parks
Donna Spencer, Leah Ranquin

Ice Breaker &
Hospitality Room

Pat Childers-Nancy Herman
Mickey Divins- Donna Spencer
Barbara Pinder

 Leah Ranquin
Donna (Spencer)& Harry Broyles

Bob Gibbs & wife Mary   

Nancy Herman-Jerry Winner
Dottie Whittington

Nancy Herman-Jim McCantis
Dottie Whittington

Nancy Herman, Mary Bowman
Verla Ray

 Harry Broyles - Jerry Winner

Aerobics Class

 #24  Barbara (Pinder) Carlson &
Husband Ted

Nancy Herman-Dottie Whittington

Leah Ranquin
Elaine & Anita Durst

 Roger Dell- Richard Wallace
Al Merino-Al Edwards

Mary Tanner-Ted & Barbara
(Pinder)Carlson Pat Childers

  Ted & Barbara (Pinder)Carlson

 Beth & Roger Dell

Mary Bowen-Al Edwards
- Verla Ray

 George & Rita (Adolph) Wilson
Dottie Whittington

   Myrna Romney

Chuck Guccione

Nancy Herman-Mary Bowen
Verla Ray  

Tony Rowe (Nancy Hermans
husband) John Mascaro
(Pat Childers husband)

 Leah Ranquin - Mary Bowen

Marsha Shumaker & her family

 Bettinia Pellegrino
Dottie Whittington

 Kurt Danner - Jerry Winner

 Edith & Al Merino &
Donna Spencer

Barbara (Pinder)Carlson & Bob Harry Broyles - Kurt Danner
Don Tanner
Barbara (McManus) Edwards
& Son Jim Edwards
 Jerry Winner-Harry Broyles
Bill East - Dick Grodt
 Jerry & Pat Brady Bob Fenner & Sister
Donna Fenner

Diane Dower

Ron & Leah (Ranquin) Rogers

Jerry Winners daughter &
granddaughter. Terry
&  Crisy Tanner

 Bill Gravin

Angela Sica

#3 Jim McCants
The Do Wap Singers...

Bill & Betty Graven
Bob (Buck) Lipe-Richard
Wallace Do Wap Singer
Nancy Herman
The Do Wap Singers
 Bob Fenner'56 w/sister-
Donna Fenner Paul Cardinal
Charles Todd and his Daughter Cuyler Johnson Carol Owens & Marsha Shumaker Dean & Norma (Denny) Wilson  
 Joyce Cruz Dick & Marlys (Nelson) Grodt      Nancy Herman & Jim McCantis           Ted & Barbara (Pinder) Carlson 
Tony Rowe - Paul Cardinal
Dottie Whittington
Harry Broyles - Kurt Danner
Don Tanner
Do Wap Singers
Donna Vick - Myrna Romney
Carol Owens & Daughter Christy
Carolyn Scrivens
Audrey Weiland
Barbara Ramey Nancy Herman - Dottie Whittington
Barbara Pinder
Nancy Herman - Dottie Whittington
Carol Owens - Watson Warmer
Scott Peterson -Bill Pelligreno
Richard Todd
Bill Donnelly &  wife Joan
Shirley &
Culer Johnson
Joanne Di Tolla, Rita (Adolph)
Wilson Shirley Thacker
Vesta (Gebhart) & Joe Egerer
Mickey (Divens)Seddo &
Jerry Winner
Mickey Divins - Bob &
Mary Gibbs, Al Moreno
Betty & Bill Gravin
Jim Dunn
Jim & April Edwards
Al Edwards, Son & Daughter in law
Harry Broyles - Aggi Lipe
Al Edwards
Aggi & Buck Lipe - Harry Broyles  Beth & Roger Dell Donna Vick - Myrna Romney Beth & Roger Dell
? ? Diane Howell      Edith & Al Merino
Donna Spencer 
Al Edwards - Joel Atkinson Marilyn Parks - Mary Bowen
Al Edwards - Verla Ray
Mary Bowen - Nancy Herman

 Bill Pellegrino
Vesta Gebhart-
Watson Warmer

Jim Dunn    Bill Dildine
Marilyn Parks-Donna
Vick-Verla Ray
Pat Childers Joel Atkinson - Jim Dunn Al Edwards
Mary Bowen - Verla Ray
Bob Coker Our Best Bartender Tanya & Wallace Snow Lorraine Walker- Bill Dildine
 Kurt Danner Richard Wallace -
Joel Atkinson
Al & Barbara Edwards Dick Grodt
Bob Fenner & sis Donna Fenner ??Jerry & Pat Brady Bill & Joan Donnelly Pat & Jerry Brady
Bob & Joanne (Di Tolla) Earl Bill & Betty Gravin Myrna Meeks - Leah Ranquin
Do Wap Singers
Larry & Shirley(Shepherd)
?? Carol Scrivens Shirley Thacker - Joyce Cruz Watson Warmer Jim McCantis- Carol Owens
& Christy
  ?? Dena Pittman ?? Joel Atkinson - Jim Dunn  

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