South Gate High Class of 56'

Class of 54 Reunion
Oct 1st,2nd, 3rd, 2004.. Pala Casino Resort

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Pala Resort & Casino
Oct 1st 2nd 3rd 2004

Group picture #39  Group Picture #40  Group Picture #41

Shirley Thacker,Barbara Nelson
Rita Adolph,Norma Spurlock
Shelley Parsons &
Marlys Nelson

   Ernie Merritt,
   Barbara Nelson
Olson Dick Grodt..

Dennis Allen W'54 & sister
Nancy Allen Wilson S'55

Mistress of Ceremonies
Shirley Thacker Richter

 A bit of adult humor

Hawaii resident Chuck
Guccionne with Don Davis
& Bill Donnelly

Bob Wilson W'55 and former
Nancy Allen S'55

Bill Pellegrino singing to
Nancy Allen Wilson

Bob Wilson W'55 &
Dick Grodt & Bill Bentley

Old friends Ernie Merritt &
Bill Bentley

Seated Bill & Karen Bentley
Standing Marlys Nelson Grodt

 Jim Neighbors and wife
Zona (Webb) S-55

Marlys Nelson Grodt
& Ernie Merrit

A bit more of adult humor.

Student Body Pres  
 Bill Donnelly
Class Sec Don Davis

Wayne Sperry w/ wife
Dick Grodt

Shirley Connole and 
  Dick Grodt

Neal & Barbara (Davey)

Wally Snow and wife Tonya

   Vesta Gebhardt Egerer
Rita Adolph Wilson
Angela Sica Frazier
Joanne Ditolla (Earl) 
Rt.Norma Spurlock Weldon

Jackie Allen Tegeler
Marsha Shumaker

Joyce Garrett Patterson
Charlene Pittman Howell

Calvin Warren w/wife
Margie & Paul Carlson

Barbara Nelson Olson
Joanne Harris Meyer
Norma Denny Wilson
Shelly Parsons Palmer

Connie Militello (55)
Zona Webb Neighbors (55)
Barbara Smyth Durant (55)

Kurt Danner, Al Edwards,
Jim Neighbors,
Jerry Winners

Linda Armendariz
Cocktail party hostess

Host & Hostess
Dick & linda Armendariz

Leah(Ranquin) & husband
Ron Rogers

Harry & Donna (Spencer)

Marlys Nelson Grodt
Joanne Harris Meyer
Shirley Thacker Richter

Rita Adolph Wilson with
Marlys, Joanne & Shirley

Kurt Danner & Al Edwards

Shelly Parsons Palmer 
Barbara Nelson Olson

Micky Divens
Libby Coleman
Carole Owens
Norma Spurlock

Shelly Parsons,
Jim Dunne 
Carolyn Scrivens
Barbara Nelson Olsen

Bob Wilson and wife
Nancy Allen Wilson
Bill Donnelly & Wife

Shirley Thacker and
John Righter @ brunch

 Bill Donnelly
  Marlys nelson Grodt

Dick Grodt, Bill Donnelly
& Bill Dildine

Vesta Gebhart Egerer
Rita Adolph Wilson

George Wilson, 
Joanne Harris Meyer
Joan Donnelly Bill's wife &
Nancy Allen Wilson S'55
Merna Meeks
Norma Spurlock Weldon
Leah Ranquin Rogers
Ron Rogers
Libby Coleman Joe Egerer
Kurt Danner/Bill Donnelly

"A bit more adult humor "

Carol Moore,Audrey Wieland
& Sheila Moore
Rita Adolph Wilson
Marlys Nelson Grodt
Joanne Harris Meyer
Harold Frazier
Vesta Gebhardt Egerer
Sandy Sisson
Joe Egerer
Angela Sica Frazier
Harold Frazier
Vesta Gebhardt Egerer
Joe Egerer
Dick & Marlys Grodt and
Norma(Denny)Wilson and
husband, Dean
James Dunn & Shelly Parson
Bill Gravens @right
Bill Clewett and wife Nadine Shirley Thacker & husband
John Righter

Student Leaders State St 3rd grade 1945
click on picture,large view
Can you name them??
Bill Dildine,
Shirley & Cuyler Johnson


"Marlys & Dick" "Winter 1954 Girls" "1954 Girls Leaders" S'54 Graduation
54 Prom Program Class Officers

Dance Committee


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