........Grant (Bill) Fully.........
                             "Summer 1959"      Passed away Nov 25, 2003 from a heart attack...

             "Summer 59"
                5-7-03..... Bill said...
    After S.G.H. joined the U.S.A.F with my pard Darrell Tucker. Got out on an
hardship when my father died. Did a couple of years in Las Vegas working at
a bank. Settled down in the seventies by getting married. Ended that after
26 years. One wonderful daughter, who lives is N.Y. I have been in the
garment industry, manufacturing, for 30 some years so far. Have no immediate
plans to do anything else. Live in the Hollywood Hills overlooking the
studios. Talk to Bruce/Ann Felch, Jim Hales, and Russ Plaster at times. It's
good to see so many familiar faces on this site.
 Grant and his daughter 'Melissa' on her recent trip to west coast..



 Grant Fully, Danny Jordan, Bruce Felch and Jim Hales at Danny's      retirement party in Long Beach.....'2000'...



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