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     "Summer 1959

Hi everyone!

I am so impressed with the website and just want to say a few words.

I presently live in Turlock, California with my husband Len.  I had moved to the Bay Area in 1982 when I met my husband Len and then two years ago we moved to Turlock, CA.   

I have two sons who are now ages 31 and 37 years old.  I was divorced and met Len in 1982 when my sons were ages 5 and 11 and Len adopted them.  We have a great family and we’re very close.  Len also had a son so between us and our three sons we have six grandchildren.

I am a recovering cancer patient and have been clear for over two years from my last treatment.  It was caught early and I had six months of Chemotherapy but I am feeling just great and thankful for every day.

 I worked for decades in the Mortgage business and am now retired.  I regret I could not attend the last reunion but am planning for sure to attend our 50th.

I am in touch often with Marcia and Paul Quesinberry.

 If anyone would care to e-mail me, I would really love to hear from you. I can be reached at judyb4@att.net


Judy (Ford) Bell