.....Bonnie Edwards (Hofmann)....

"Class of 1960"



"Bonnie Edwards  Class of 60

May 14, 2006

How fortunate we all are to be here and have moved into the age of technology that allows us to keep in touch and find old friends!

After graduation in Summer 60 I went to work full-time at Firestone Tire & Rubber Company in South Gate. There, I met my future husband, Bob Hofmann. We married in October 62 and in 63 our first daughter, Cheryl, was born. In 65 we had another daughter, Kris. During this time and until the late 70s I was a full-time mom and Girl Scout leader. We bought a home in Lakewood in 65 where I still reside today. It has seen many changes over the years, but the neighborhood is still very nice.

  Bonnie with daughters Cheryl on right and Kris on left

Bob and I were married for 35 years until he passed away with lung cancer in December 97. Fortunately, both my girls live close in Long Beach and Huntington Beach and our grandson, Tommy, is now 10 years old.

 Grandson Tommy with friend......

Since I like my current lifestyle and am not yet ready to retire, I work for Boeing in Long Beach (for the past 18 years) as a budget analyst on the C-17 Program. Pretty nice being less than three miles from home. Never a commuting problem! Will probably be there for another three years. While there I went back to school at LBCC and graduated with my Associate of Arts Degree. Who knows, maybe after retirement I will continue on!

Bonnie and youngest daughter w/ Ben Afflect

One amazing thing is that I found another classmate of ours at Boeing, Nancy Pudoff, who is now Nancy Cousland. Over the years we got reacquainted and have become very close friends. Nancy and her husband, Jim, retired last year and live in Mariposa up close to Yosemite. I have visited them along with my daughter and grandson. I also keep in contact with Madeline Velko who lives in Sonora up by Nancy and have had dinner with Rita Hutchins and her husband here in Orange County.                                            

Bonnie with friend Nancy in Yosemite last year

Work keeps me busy along with putting around the house. I spend some of my free time volunteering for the SPCALA that has a facility here in Long Beach. I meet many interesting people, and it is so rewarding to be able to help out and find homes for many dogs and cats that are living in the shelter. We also do fund raisers and participate at various functions throughout the LA and OC areas. My two best buddies who live at home with me are "Willie and Reggie." They are both cocker spaniels that needed a home. One was born blind in one eye and the other I rescued, as he is considered as having "special needs" and is on medication. I do like to travel and do so whenever possible, especially out to the desert. Shopping is probably one of the things I do best!

     And here are two of my buddies. Willie & Reggie

Hope everyone is well and enjoying this website as much as I am. A special thanks to Dave for keeping track of all of us....... Bonnie