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Winter 1956 

1986 @ 30th

Update 2005  Marsha said...

I retired in 2002 after 41 years in the Torrance Unified School District. I worked as a high school English teacher, a high school speech and debate teacher, an elementary school counselor, a middle school counselor, and finished as a head high school counselor. I have an active Marriage Family Therapy license, and continue to do counseling.

Together, my husband and I have five children (the oldest is 41 and the youngest 21), and seven grandchildren. We have become great babysitters.

We live near the ocean in Palos Verdes Estates, and have been in our new (actually old -- built in 1939/1940) home for two years, and absolutely love it here. We still have difficulty believing that this beautiful, old, Spanish home is actually ours. Our home overlooks the ocean, and we love watching the boats pass by, and hearing the seals "calling". Our yard is very large, and we have a wide variety of trees trees that change color with the seasons, as well as house playful squirrels, and a huge variety of birds.

     " Marsha and her husband Jack"  2005

" Jack & Marsha.... Dec 2008"

We enjoy gardening, and love our flower gardens. However, we also grow much of the food we eat carrots, onions, beans, beats, corn, tomatoes, lemons, apples, strawberries, etc. Jack is an excellent cook, and enjoys cooking. I consider myself very fortunate indeed!

. We do a good deal of traveling. In the last three years, we have toured Ireland, Finland, Estonia, Russia, the Czech Republic and Austria. We have taken several trips in the United States as well.

Socially, we are active with both family and friends. We have season tickets to the Distinguished Lecture Series, the Civic Light Opera, the Hollywood Bowl, and USC football games (Fight on!). We also attend numerous events at the LA Music Center, the Orange County Performing Arts Center, the LA Disney Center, and the PV Norris Center.

I look back fondly to my high school days, to the many wonderful experiences, and especially to the lifelong friends I made while there. Thank you for being such a memorable part of my life.

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 A trip to San Gabriel Ave Elementary...1996

 One of Marsha's magnificent photographs...(dm)

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