.........Ed (Gail) Bowlin.........


Winter 1956

5/28/02...Ed said.. Retired (94) n sitting in Shingle Springs, Ca...... 

8/7/04..  While discussing the teacher Mr. Briscoe, Ed said:
  He was the Machine shop teacher ! ,, I have NO idea when he started or left, :-(,,,
he was there the 2.5 yrs I took his "Vocational Machine Shop" class,, it was the 1st 3 periods every day!
He had an major impact on my career field,,,I was employed by Byron Jackson in Vernon, after graduation thanks too Mr. Briscoe's recommendation, after being employed there for a few months, I was told that he had also been hired by them during the summer months,,,:-)during which time he consistently produced scrap parts! :-),,, the "powers too be" decided" ,,,next year, too have him advise/teach existing machinists,, how to improve productivity,, and it worked !  after being in the hot /stinky machine shops,,, :-( I decided,,
I wanted too go into drafting where it is cool and well lighted ! ,,, drafting was my "minor" at So Gate Hi.,,
Long Beach Harbor Jr. college, completed my being allowed too enter into drafting,,,
I started as Jr draftsman,, the, 10 -15 different employers!, ended my "drafting" career Chief Draftsman @G.E, :-)   retired as V.P. of design ,,, :-),,, Fancy "title" lil $ $ ,,, Ha.......


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