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" 1956" Bill & Nancy 10th reunion 1968 "July 15, 1961"
9/9/02 Bill said:
    I married a wonderful girl in 1961, we have been together for over 41 good years. We had two children a boy and a girl and one grandson. We both retired from L.A. County Public Works (Flood Control District). I retired in 1989 and started playing golf and sailing my boat. I love the off shore islands and enjoy diving and fishing. I am on boat # 6 now. 

  Last year I joined the Coast Guard Auxiliary, Flotilla 2-5 out of Balboa Island. I worked as a reserve deputy sheriff out of Industry station for 14 years and retired a Sergeant in 1994. 

 My wife and I like to travel and have did quite a bit of traveling around the world and hope to do more. 

 Nancy and I live at Snow Creek Estates, Walnut, California. I would enjoy hearing from school friends.
                 Hope this finds you happy and healthy :-)  ..........  Bill Billingsley


 Daughter, Jacqueline & Grandson            Bill & Nancy  1990           "Our son, Craig"
   12/14/02.. Bill said...
This year last May while playing basketball I sprained my left ankle and broke a bone in my foot. The same ankle that was a problem in 1957 football season. This month I turned 63 and when I think that someday I will not be able to do the things that I like, it scares me a little. So far in my life I believe that you use it or lose it. 
  11/02 Maui, Hawaii..."Bill 65 feet deep"..     "At 60 feet, Bill finds a friend."



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