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Born: 10 May 1941
Place: Beaumont, Texas

Mother: Emily Pauline Linscomb Baldwin, 1922-2002
Father: Boyd Burr Baldwin, 1918 - living in Roseville, CA.

California: Moved to California in 1946 shortly after end of World War 2 and lived with my grandparents in Salema, CA., for a short time where my family worked in Dad's folks motel and their 2 restaurants.

   10601 Bowman... circa 1955         Side yard... circa 1956

South Gate: Dad's brother offered my father a job at the Baldwin Specialty Company on Atlantic Ave. between Tweedy Blvd. and Abbott Road. Dad accepted and we moved to South Gate in 1947 and brought a home at 10601 Bowman Ave. I have 2 brothers and a sister all born in South Gate but completed their schooling in Lynwood. I completed grades 1 thru 12 in South Gate: Bryson Ave., South Gate Jr. High and SGHS graduating in summer class 1959.

So Gate Jr High Graduation 1956..

 Chuck Hagen, me & David Winter..

Joined the Navy in July of 1959 and retired February 1979 in Washington, DC. (Navy career will be provided later).

Married: Kathleen Sullivan Baldwin from East Greenwich, Rhode Island in August 1979.

Current state: Virginia since 1979
Home: 310 Glyndon Street, SE, Vienna, Virginia since 1982.


After retirement from the Navy, I continued working in the private sector supporting the Intelligence community. I signed on with several companies but spent most time with Lockheed Corporation working on several classified projects with special note on the Stealth fighter used in the first Gulf War. 


Rejoined federal government, Office of Naval Intelligence, in 1989 and retired from federal service with the U.S. Army's Intelligence and Security Command.

1. Now unclassified after 40 plus years of secrecy, I can discuss a "black" Intelligence project which I was assigned call Project GRAB. This was the first United States reconnaissance satellite system launched to monitor Soviet Union Cold War activities deep within the USSR. The program was authorized by President Eisenhower the day after an American U-2 aircraft was shot down over Russia piloted by Frances Gary Powers. In the fall of 1998 the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in coordination with the Defense Department, National Security Agency (NSA) and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) declassified our work and honored the remaining 100 persons working this project. We were awarded the Naval Space Pioneers medallion by the CIA which was specially coined for this occasion. Sadly, there were only 35 of the original members still alive to receive the award. My assignment to this project was in the early 1960s in Japan.


Letter of "Well done" for the (GRAB) Satellite project...

Note: a copy of this limited government award will be provided separately.

2. While serving at a Joint Intelligence Center near Tokyo, Japan 1962-1963, I was an Intelligence analyst assigned to support Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) sponsored U-2 missions in the Pacific and other Agency responsibilities under the CIA's direct control. This assignment followed my Project GRAB association and was a continuation of Agency support to theater and national Intelligence collection and reporting requirements.

Basic Naval Intelligence and Joint Service Intelligence training on Russian and Chinese threat communications (1959-1960). Training included Manual Morse intercept, signal direction finding and location, non-Morse intercept, Electronic Intelligence (Radar targets) and Missile Signals Intelligence.
Initial Sea, Air and Land (SEAL) technical intelligence support to Military operations in the Western Pacific (1961-1963). Included Sea, Air and Land intelligence gathering missions in South East Asia, Viet Nam, blue water missions against Chinese and Russian targets and threats.
Mission types are outlined in the book “Blind Man’s Bluff” in which I participated in the early 1960s and 1970s.

Senior level Signal Intelligence supervisory course at the National Cryptologic School/National Security Agency (1964).

Signal Intelligence specialty training threat Missile and Space signals, Line-of-Site communications at the National Cryptologic School/National Security Agency (1968).

Submarine Signals Intelligence support equipment training. U.S. Submarine Pacific Command training center, Pearl Harbor, HI. (1971). Intelligence support to Submarine missions approved by the President of the United States.


University of Maryland extended campus in Japan (1962-1963), 15 semester hours in electronic engineering, algebra, science and English undergraduate studies.

Northern Virginia Community College (AS, Business - 1976.) President, Student Government Association, Phi Beta Lambda, graduated Cum Laud, and awarded Who’s Who in American Jr. Colleges.
The American University (BS, Pre-Law - 1981) and (MS, Operations Research - 1983).

National Defense College, senior management and comptroller studies and certification (1996-1998).




Defense Department Comptroller and Resource Manager training, National Cryptologic School/National Security Agency.

Contracting Officer Technical Representative certification. Trained at the National Cryptologic School/National Security Agency, Fort George G. Meade, Maryland and Naval contracting school Washington, DC.

Contracting Officer Security Manager with certification, National Cryptologic School/National Security Agency.

U.S. Navy Contact Management training Washington, DC. Intelligence Contract management training, National Cryptologic School/National Security Agency.


National Defense College, Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Validation and verification of military requirements, managing the development of government “Request for Proposals” and evaluating private sector response to Agency needs. Contract negotiation and management.
Managed, implemented and prepared reports required by Public Law concerning the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) of 1993 for the U. S. Army Intelligence and Security Command. Training and certification provided by private contractors and the federal lead Agency as directed by the Office of the Vice President of the United States.
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