Earlene Baker
"Winter 55" 

 Earlene Baker  Winter 1955

     I married Bob Kildebeck from South Gate right after graduation in 1955. It lasted 2 years. One son, Ron. Married Bill Lefler from Lynwood in 1959 and divorced 33 years later. We have 3 daughters, Cheryl, Judy and Kati...4 grandsons, 1 granddaughter and 1 great grand son. My 2 oldest grandsons, Brandon and Josh are in the Military...Brandon in the Air Force and just got back from Iraq and Josh is in the Navy on the USS Enterprise. I didn't work when the kids were little, but got bored and went to work in Santa Ana, CA in the industrial battery industry for about 18 years. I moved to Las Vegas 1994, and bought a condo in Desert Shores. Since moving here I've worked at a TV station and an advertising firm and now am employed by the Nevada Broadcasters Association. I travel all over Nevada, big cities as well as the rural areas... I'm involved with the AMBER Alert and FCC. No I don't go into the casinos....did at first, but it gets pretty old when you live here.....