.....Vernon E. Page.....
                        "Summer 1954"             Born 5-18-35  Died 7-5-71
                                                                         Aged 36 years

           "Summer 1954"
  4-11-04 Amelia said:
    Vernon was killed in a fight in Seal Beach. His 3 daughters, Sheri (at that time) 12 years old, Elaine 10, and Patti 8 and his wife (me) had rented a beach apartment and were there to celebrate the 4th of July and my birthday. After spending some time at the bar on Maine street he and other relatives returned to the apartment to be confronted by 3 marines where a fight occurred which resulted in his death. I now live in South Gate again, and his daughters have all moved to Utah. Amelia Alfieri (formerly Page)