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         Summer 1956
   5/28/07.....  Hi Wanda Morris-Johnson-Williams here:
If any of you remember,  I worked for AT&T-Huntington Park where I met my
1st husband, Jack Earl Johnson. We moved to Oakland, CA and got married when
I was 21. We had 2 boys; Michael, 47 married to Susan no children, Mark, 46
married to Kim. Mark's 1st wife Cindy was killed in an automobile accident,
they had 2 boys,
Jack Earl Johnson (15 years now) named after Mark's dad (my 1st husband) and
Spencer (died from cancer at 2). Also my 1st husband of 9 years was killed
in an automobile accident in Oakland when I was 30 and the boys were 6 & 7.
I have two Johnson grandchildren Jack and Olivia, 3yrs old.

I married my 2nd husband and moved to Santa Barbara. CA (where I still live)
and had 5 more children; Melvin Jr. 35 married to Lilyanna, Melanie 31
getting her PhD at UCSB in Biology, Matthew 30, Michelle 29, Miles 28. None
of the Williams children are married but Michelle & (Raphael) gave me a
granddaughter Aliyah, 5 yrs.  Matthew & (Switzerland) Melanie where they
live have 2 children, Morgane 3 yrs & Trystan 6 months whom I haven't seen
yet.  I divorced my 2nd husband after 9 years married so I haven't been married long years like some of you. 6 of my children live in Santa Barbara, CA. 4 of the Williams rent a house with me due to the fact my divorced caused me to lose everything but the shirt on my back (blouse).

I do not plan to retire, I'll just drop dead. I work 2 jobs, M-F, 8 hours a
day. I have been doing this for the past 15 years. My main job is at the
University of California@Santa Barbara with 26 years service. I retired at
20years, receive retired pay and I'm back there again now. I also worked at Robinson-May at night and weekends from which I recently retired and Bank of America (on Saturdays only) so now I only work 45 hours a week so I can attend my Presbyterian church on Sunday and evenings during the week.

Some would might say MY life is boring, working, children and church, but I
love them all very much.

I sure enjoy this website.

Thanks, Wanda

Wanda Williams
Assistant to the Director
Campus Planning & Design
Facilities Management
University California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-1030

Phone: 805-893-8430
Fax:     805-893-3870


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