Richard LoCicero

Summer 1956  Dick & Gayle 1981 1986 @ 30th

Hi Fellow Grads,

    For those of you who might be interested in our life’s journey, here’s the short version… After graduation I played baseball for 2 years got hurt and returned to South Gate to marry Carole Francis… We had 2 sons, Brad 43yrs and Craig 40 years… I remarried in 1969 to Gayle who has 2 sons, Mark 42 years & Kurt 40 years… All total we have 6 grand children, ages 11-21 years… My working career took me through lathing apprenticeship in L.A in 1959 to moving to Sacto area to open an office for another company… Was supt. on the capitol restoration before starting my own company in 1983… Success has blessed us… I know many of you are retired but not for me… I do play “hooky” a lot… My hobbies are gardening, remodeling and lots of world travel… We consider Barbados our home away from home… Enough of us, Lets hear from all of you… “What a great class we had… Also, kudos to Dave for his tireless effort in producing this wonderful website… 
       The best to all of you and remember...   "The Nose Knows"

1991 @ 35th "Local Car salesman & pickup" 2001 @ 45th
Hole Town, Barbados Venice, Italy
"St Petersburg, Russia"... Aug, 03 "Dick with brother Geno"...  May, 03
Dick and Gayle with her sister Sandra in the dining room of the 
SS Oosterdam on the last night of their Baltic cruise.. Aug, 03..

"Four generations of the LoCicero family"
Brad, Scott, Peyton and the creator.... Dick.        2007

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