......Dan Leach....


         Summer 1956 


         Dan & Pearl  1991  


           2001 @ 45th


  6/5/02    Dan Said.....
  Pearl and I have been married 37 years this past April. Pearl has a 20% contract and teaches a special ed. elementary school class Fridays. We have 4 children, Alan 35, single, a veterinarian Captain in the US Army Vet. Corps at Carlisle Barracks, Carlisle, PA, headed for a 1 yr. assignment in Bahrain off the coast of Saudi Arabia in the Persian Gulf....  Darin 33, 4th Assistant Manager for a small market chain, married to Kristine, our step granddaughter Ashley and our grandson Andrew...  David 27, a computer engineer, newly commissioned Air Force Captain, married to Casaundra, stationed at McGuire AFB, AL... Debra 25, single, counselor for a group of young boys at Families First here in W. Sac....I have been in the same profession for the past 43 years and have moved around....  I have been with SMUD for 20 years and am a Senior Procurement Professional (90's-2000's upgrade of purchasing agent/buyer). Supply Chain Services now for purchasing/procurement/acquisitions... I function as a Contracts Administrator as well as a Buyer/Purchasing Agent. My main "business unit" is Generation Operations with heavy support to the Photovoltaics (PV) Solar program. We live in Rosemont,  a suburb in the county between Watt Avenue and Bradshaw, off Hwy. 50. in Sacramento, Ca
  ........... Dan Leach
  5/30/04 Dan also said..
  We finally retired, my wife in June and I Oct.1. After 6+ years of caregiving my 91 yr. old Mom and that I would be 65 in Sept., we decided it was past time to "get on w/ our own lives". We placed her in a very nice residential care home less than 5 min. away.
  We have now taken some nice trips to visit our son in Santa Clara (St. George), UT, twice including an extended trip to SG. the week the fires were just starting in SoCA Fortunately our property at Crestline was not harmed.
 We also spent 12 days through Thanksgiving, in Lakewood (Tacoma) WA with our oldest son and daughter who live about 5+ min. apart. We'll spend Christmas and New Year's here but have already lined up some neat trips for nest year.
 I have been very busy when here in Sacto. w/ my own projects, plus "honeydo's" that I now don't have any excuses for not doing. I have gotten into a pretty good routine since I still cannot "sleep in", of going to 24 Hour Fitness each morning for less than 2 hrs. Pearl still goes usually 3 mornings if her knee or hip aren't acting up. We're very close to the one on Micron Ave., just down from Capital Christian Center, off  Hwy. 50 and Bradshaw....Dan Leach



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