........Jack Kistler.....
                                                     Born 11/30/38    Died 8/7/95
56 years.....

       Summer 1956      Jack & Carolyn 1981          1986 @ 30th


   I'm Dan Kistler, Jack's oldest son. I have a brother, Jerry, and a sister,
Cheryl. Both are married with families. I'm still single. We lived in
Costa Mesa, CA for eight years (1968 - 1976) then moved to El Toro (now
called Lake Forest). All of us kids moved out in the 80's, while mom and
dad lived there until dad died in 1995. Mom sold the house in 1998... 

  Every year, while we kids were on summer vacation from high school, dad would take
us on these big family trips. We went up the coast to Oregon and Washington
one year, the Grand Canyon and Colorado another, Bryce and Zion another year, and the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone... 

  The 80's were a bad time for real estate, and dad worked hard to close a deal that would give him some income for the year. Yet, we always had a good Christmas. Dad loved to
camp and fish. He loved gardening in his backyard. He liked to play golf
once in a while and loved watching a good football, basketball, or baseball game... 

  He was diagnosed in 1994 with lung cancer after having an MRI done
for some lower back pain (which turned out to be tumors that had traveled
from his lung). Dad's mother, Dorothy, passed away in 1992, and his
brother, Art, died in 1994. Dad faithfully brought us to church as we were
growing up (My brother and I are both pastors today), and He died trusting
in Christ, His Savior.... Dan 

 7-28-04..  Cheryl, Jack's daughter said.... My dad Jack passed away Aug 7, 1995 from lung cancer, which he had never smoked a day in his life, at age 56. Im the youngest of 3, my brother Dan is 42, Jerry 39, and Cheryl 36. Now that Im older I realized how much my dad was a great man a wonderful father and a good husband of 36 years. He unfortunately died too young and had only one grandchild at the time, my daughter Casey) who was 3. Hes missed his son getting married and having another granddaughter Katherine) and me having a grandson Connor).
   My dad was in real estate and never got to see his children buy homes, but was always eager to help in any way. >From what I remember, Jack loved high school, always talked about it, couldnt wait for reunions and loved to run into familiar faces wherever we were. He loved track, long jump and hurdles, always trying to encourage us children to join, as it turns out his granddaughter is going to state finals tomorrow for long jump, amazingly shes 12 and can jump 133, what a joy it would have been for him to see. Anyway, we grew up in Costa Mesa for awhile and then moved to a booming Lake Forest in 76 where he lived out his days. My dad loved life and always wanted the best for his family, we took vacations, always camping and renting cabins either at Yosemite or Big Bear. 

Cheryl Cantrell 


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