.......Robert E (Bob)Huff..
                    "Winter 54"                 11-2-35/ 10-1-04    Aged 68 years         


               "Winter 1954"
  10/3/04... Terry Huff, Bobs older brother said:
   There were 3 of us boys. Me the elder graduated SGHS S-49, Bob graduated W-54, and our youngest brother Allan. Allan went to SGJH, and my folks moved to Hawaii for about 4 or 5 years.
   Our dad was chief construction engineer for American Pipe and
Construction (AMERON) in South Gate, and they sent him to build a plant
at Barbers Point in Hawaii. Lucky Allan got to go to high school there.
He graduated in S-65 from Kaimukee High (sic)

     Bob left behind his wife Sharron Broyles Huff, his high school sweetheart. They
had 3 children. Tommy, Bobby, and Doug. They have grandchildren, but I don't know how many.  Bob and Sharron just moved a short time ago from South Gate to Lake
Elsinore, to the new Lake Elsinore Hills section. They had remained in
South Gate for many years.
  They stayed close with Bob's friends from school. Ed Kress, Ron Roys,
Norm Pabst and Phil Erickson. Bill Bammer was one of "the gang", until
he died a few years ago...

  Note.. Bob was killed this past Friday in an auto accident. He was
enroute to Beaumont/Banning area to take some medicine to his
mother-in-law. A vehicle crossed over the centerline into Bob's lane of
travel, striking Bob's vehicle head-on. Bob died instantly. The other
driver was in his 80s.   This happened Friday, October 1st... Bob and his wife Sharron were scheduled to attend his 50th High school reunion  the next day October 2nd..
    November 2nd Bob would have been 69 years old.......