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Summer 1956 Shirley & Neil 1981 1986 @ 30th


 Shirley Bracy Flippin

After graduation I attended Long Beach State for 4 years and have now been married to Neil Flippin (South Gate Summer Class of 56) for over 43 years and we have two wonderful children. Our son Mark (who teaches at El Toro High School and is a varsity football and varsity golf coach) and his wife Liz have a son, Cole, who is 2 years of age and they live in Dana Point. Our daughter Tracy has two daughters, Maegan who is 15, and Bethany who is 11, and they live in Menifee. Each year for the past 30 years we have had a family vacation camping at the beach with our children and now with our grandchildren. Friends and other family members have joined us from time to time.

After studying to be a school teacher, I ended up working for lawyers on and off for over 40 years and am now down to 1 day a week for a lawyer for whom I have worked for over 30 years.

First took up golf and then tennis, but now after a few parts of the body has broken down, have taken up the game of Bridge. Very addicting. Besides the outside activities, I have always enjoyed knitting.

         1996 @ 35th         2001 @ 45th

In the past few years I have set up a luncheon in the spring of the year for ladies from the winter class of 56 to meet for lunch. I have always enjoyed meeting with and seeing old friends. (If any one would like to join us, please email me.) See picture below.

Mar 05...Left to Right the ladies are...Virginia (Valleley) Hall, Doris (Greathead) Edey, Carol (Nuckols) Munn, Shirley (Bracy) Flippen, Barbara (Sanders) Fields,
Sally (Dingwall) Wiles, Mary (Cattanach) Guccione, Pat (Cain) Mc Cormick.
Janice (Russel) Schleiden......


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